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Job opening for a lecturer in Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad 2022

Job opening for a lecturer in Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad 2022 


Job opening for a lecturer in Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad 2022; If you are looking for a job as a lecturer, then Fazaia Inter College offers the perfect opportunity. They have vacancies in all subjects and grade levels from 1st year onward!, pub-5815254192617556, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

The lecturers there will help prepare students by teaching them about Pakistan’s history or how it operates through democracy–whatever their needs may be at any point during the childhood development stage-which means this place really does care deeply not only about age groups but also individual learners too


The lecturers of this college are needed to join us as we expand our operations across town! If you have experience teaching here or would like more information on how your skills can help improve student learning at any level then please get back with details today.


Company Name Job opening for a lecturer in Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad 2022 
Job Location Pakistan
Nationality Only Pakistani  can Apply
Education Equivalent Diploma/Degree
Experience Experienced are preferred
Salary Range To be discussed [Depend upon job title]
Employee Benefits Attractive leadership benefits & perks

Lecturer jobs in Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad 2022 


Lecture singing is a very popular career option for those looking to make their mark on the educational world. This position involves giving lectures and presentations across various subjects at all levels (pre- puberty education up until undergraduate degree) which can be challenging but also rewarding if you’re able to find success!


The lecturers of Fazaia Inter College are working hard to provide quality education and resources for all students. There is a need in this area since many people want their children educated well, so it’s good that these teachers have found employment at one college or another!


About Fazaia Inter College


The lecturers at Fazaia Inter college in Islamabad have been working tirelessly to provide quality education for students. They strive each day against the odds, striving towards their goal of turning out well-rounded individuals who can think critically and independently despite being born into disadvantaged circumstances or coming from a minority community that faces additional challenges throughout Pakistan’s history as autonomous with discrimination because they are female Muslim’, poor, etc.. The dedication shown by these women proves time after time how much strength comes through adversity when you nail something done right even if there was initial difficulty doing so!


The job duties include


Teaching assigned classes, preparing course material, assessing students’ progress, providing timely feedback to students and parents, etc. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in this opportunity, please apply by October tenth, 2022.

Thank you for your time.



The Fazaia Inter College Islamabad Team. Lecturer Jobs in Islamabad at Fazaia Inter College – The News International newspaper (published on 05 October 2022)


Eligibility Criteria 


Fazaia Inter College Islamabad is looking for highly qualified and experienced individuals for the post of Lecturer. The eligibility criteria for the position are a Master’s degree in the relevant subject with at least two years of teaching experience in a reputed institution.



Job opening for a lecturer in Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad 2022 Lahore View & Apply

Job Requirements


In the wake of recent education reforms, there is a high demand for laboratory assistant posts in Fazaia Inter College. The job entails working with science students and instructors on research projects throughout Islamabad’s relevant laboratories while also attending classes to provide them guidance when needed! You’ll be able to help prepare samples which can then go into experiments or examinations–depending upon your skillset.. If this sounds interesting send us an email today so we may discuss details further


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